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MTM2 Render Patch 002

Tue November 11 13:00:00 2014

The MTM2 Render Patch has been updated to version 002. The new version aims to fix most of the "too many objects" errors and is now compatible with tracks such as Duality and Razzle Dazzle. You can get it from the link on the top right or by visiting the forum.

As always, if you have any problems please drop by the forum.

- SLO_Fila

Truck Database and Win 8.1 installation

Fri November 07 13:00:00 2014

The truck archive has finally been brought up to date entirely. All trucks are accompanied by a picture.

Besides further background tweaks, the more important addition is the tutorial on how to install MTM2 on Win8.1. It seems that the installation is a bit messier than on Win7 (or previous Win versions). Still, it can be done and it will work. The only thing that has not been tested is whether Voobly will recognize the MTM2 installation. If any Win8.1 users wants to give it a test online please let us know here of your findings.

In addition, a new track list has been added to the track download page involving tracks with good racing lines released between 2007 and 2013. You can find it here.

- SLO_Fila

Increase the draw distance in MTM2

Mon September 29 13:35:00 2014

A few more things have been added in the past week. For starters, the website now hosts downloadable version of Monster Truck Madness 1 and the beta versions for MTM1 and MTM2. You can find them on the frontpage under the utilities section the right.

More importantly, in this past week gamer121, who deals in patching and improving the 4x4 Evo 2 game, has released a Render Patch for MTM2. What does this render patch do? Well... it increases the draw distance of the game. Meaning that for the first time since the game has been released you are now able to see much further than previously thought possible. Give it a try, the results are really breathtaking and you'll experience MTM2 in a whole new light. The patch can be accessed from the same Utilities section.

Make sure to drop by the forum and give him a thank you.

- SLO_Fila

ZAAUG's Weekly Tournaments

Mon September 22 11:25:00 2014

Every Sunday at 6PM Pacific Time, rumble tournaments are being hosted over at If enough people come out the tourney will go ahead. Zaaug's website keeps track of the tournament results (though it needs updating with the latest tournament results). Be sure to check it out.

Latest Tourney Result: Free For All Hypercube 9/21/14
1st Place: MTF_Draz 44 points
2nd Place: BLS_O_N_a_N 43 points
3rd Place tie: SLO_Fila & [MOD]NiteMares 42 points

See you there!

- SLO_Fila

MALIBU350's website is back!

Mon September 15 01:10:00 2014

Despite the lack of updates, work is still getting done behind the scenes. And one of the results is MALIBU350's restored website which has a great number of models. Losing all those archives would have been a real shame. Thank you to Malibu350 for providing me with a back-up of the website.

Certain links will still continue to be broken (for example the links under the TNT section of Malibu's website). Since there are so many of them I lack the necessary time to look into each and every one. So if any of the dead links are needed, please post in the forum and I'll take care of it ASAP. A word of caution: Many of the links are gone for good.

- SLO_Fila

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